relax and feel better now Hi I am Emilene Conder ACMT, 

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I am a Clinical Massage Therapist, I help people over 35 who are tired, sluggish and in pain, to look, and feel amazing and pain free since 2012. I have been helping people who struggle with back pain, muscular and joint pain, as well as their health.

As a result, my clients feel stronger, flexible, mobile and pain free, moving comfortably with a better posture.

Training, qualifications & experience

 Inspired by my husband’s rehabilitation with MS (Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) I decided to start a journey with JING ADVANCED QUALIFICATIONS. I am currently on the second year of a BTEC level 6 degree, due to finish in 2018. I have a passion to make you feel better now. I work from my clinic in Lewisham area, helping clients with chronic pain conditions, working on the emotional, physical and spiritual paths.
Also inch loss treatments are available, by appointment only.
I am registered with the CTha (Complementary Therapists Association) and Licensed by Lewisham Council.
Company number 08267947

Qualifications:-Deep Tissue Massage-, hot Stones, Lava shells, Bamboo Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Pre & post lipo surgery treatment,  Clinical Massage for Leg, Knee, Foot, Hip, Pelvis, Shoulder Girdle, Low Back Pain- Trigger Point Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pathologies- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-  Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release

Conditions I can help you with:- Fibromyalgia- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- IBS- Stress- Emotional Trauma- Chronic Pain- Headaches / Migraines- Painful Scars- Menstrual Problems- Carpal Tunnel - MS

What about spending some time on the muscles that carry us around all day?

Massage balances the mind, body and spirit.

Cheers to your health!

You can see some of my certifications in the Qualifications section of this site.
55A George Lane
London - Lewisham
SE13 6HN
Phone: 07562602612
Email: info@feelbetternow.co.uk

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