Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)  helps to stimulate muscle activity without significant movement and cellular regeneration, tightening and contouring skin, leaving a smoother and firmer body contour. It uses controlled electrical impulses to generate deep muscle stimulation and create contractions similar to those experienced during physical exercise. Fat is burnt, skin tone is improved and the local metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, to tighten and lift your skin.
The EMS gives all the benefits of exercise without putting in the effort. 20
minutes with the pads on the abdomen would be equivalent to approximately 800 sit ups. This is physically impossible for most people. The EMS will tone the muscles which have been padded, help to firm and tighten the skin and increase the circulation, thereby aiding the removal of metabolic waste products.
The muscle toning treatment is ideal for toning and firming the muscles and helping to pull loose skin back into shape once the weight has been lost.

Aussie Current is indicated to help you feel better now by:

* Strengthening and toning muscle.

* Increased muscular endurance.

* Reduction of edema.

*  Analgesia.

*  Immediate and late post-operative.

*  Localized fat.

* Cellulite. 

* Muscle Flaccidity

  • Passive exercise for all round Toning and Firming effects Toning of specific muscles through computer controlled electronic muscle stimulators 
  • Six different preset-computerized programs with an adjustable timer compliments the Cellulite and/or the Slimming treatment
  • Allows you to design your own additional programs for specific needs
  • Equivalent of an intensive aerobic work out in one 20 minutes session
  • Comfortable and produces effective results


  • Stomach 
  • Hips 
  • Thighs 
  • Upper back fat 
  • Lower back fat 
  • Arms (under biceps) 
  • Baby bulge 
  • Above knee areas 

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