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Lava Shells: A complete kit which enables you to experience a warm Lava Shells® massage at home. The kit provides a unique blend of algae and dried kelp which, when blended with sea water and inserted inside the shell, generate their own controlled heat and subsequent soothing massage. Once activated, the shell retains it is heat for over an hour, it falls when it is in use and rises when set down. The shell can be cooled by simply dipping in water or wiping with a damp cloth.

 The Kit contains:
  • One porcelain lava shell
  • 4 Lava Shell activators and sachets
  • 4 applications of massage oil
  • Instruction manual
Price £35
Please note this product is for home use only and is not for professional use in Salons. To experience a Lava Shell professional massage treatment using the natural Tiger Clam shells please book a treatment at Feel Better Now.
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