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Do I need a doctor referral letter?
No letter is required for Clinical Massage; complex issues may require a letter stating approval for treatment. 

Will my health insurance pay for my treatment?
Generally Clinical Massage is not covered. You will need to check with your policy provider. Remember if you’re Self Employed and the Clinical Massage sessions help you with work and your health then keep your receipts for your tax return.

What is Clinical Massage? 
Clinical Massage is not just a Massage it’s a number of methods used together in the session that works for people. It will help you whether you in muscular pain, joint stiffness or pre/post surgery. 

Consultation - We offer you between 10-30 minutes consultation time on your first visit, if you please let us know on the booking descriptions if you like to take the free consultation.

Arrival time 
For your first consultation please leave enough time to find us. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your time as the client before you may still be with us. Please be aware if you are running late we will not be able to go over your appointment slot as the next client may be waiting.

Parking and Payments
It is advisable to park in the surrounding roads where you can find a space Pay and Display or you may use the DriveWay only one slot available. 
We take card payments via Paypal or you can do Bank Transfer prior your appointment. Payments online available too.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing is ideal. During massage treatment you will be asked to undress to underwear and covered in a large towel. The areas being treated will then be exposed, whilst covering the rest of the body. 

I am under 18, Can I have massage? 
People under the age of 18 we insist on signed parental consent and presence in the therapy room.

Can I bring my child/baby with me?
We recommend you get to switch off completely, de-stress and have quality you time for your therapy. We do work in the late evenings and on Saturdays to help you.

How many sessions will I need?
This depends on the length of time in pain, health condition, lifestyle and goals – this is why packages are used.

I had liposuction how many sessions do I need? 
We usually recommend 20-30 sessions in total. That is to avoid fibrosis, skin hardness, lumps. We also offer maintenance sessions to help you keep up with your results.  
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What about spending some time on the muscles that carry us around all day?
Massage balances the mind, body and spirit.
Cheers to your health!

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     Email: info@feelbetternow.co.uk

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