LPG Endermologie Treatment Plans

Android Lipomassage Treatment
For stomach, back & arms.
ACTIONS: Slims down the upper body and fat deposits in depth.
RESULTS: Thinned down stomach and waist, toned arms.

Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment
For hips, buttocks & legs.
ACTIONS: Slims down saddlebags, thighs and smoothes cellulite.
RESULTS: Resculpted buttocks and legs.

Lipomassage Total Care
ACTIONS: Slims down resistant fat deposits (upper and lower body),
smoothes orange-peel effect and redensifies skin.
RESULTS: Slimmed down and resculpted figure, firmed skin.

LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment
Targeted areas.
ACTIONS: Breaks down fat deposits, smoothes cellulite and redensifies skin.
RESULTS: Reduced orange-peel effect, firmed skin.

LPG Draining Treatment– Aqueous Cellulite
For hips & legs.
ACTIONS: Actively stimulates draining and smoothes cellulite.
RESULTS: Reduced orange-peel effect, resculpted legs.

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