Hydrotherm massage = combination of heat, floatation and massage

This unique massage is carried out facing up,so no turning over half way through.  Just lay there and relax in the warmth and enjoy your deep tissue/Swedish one of the best massage experiences in the world today.

The treatment is carried out on two warm water cushions, supportting the client in perfect spinal alignment during the treatment.  and Hydrotherm is perfect for every phase of life too. Expectant mums, baby massage, perfect for those who are physically active or who lead very busy lives and need time to relax away from everything also to those who can not lay down on your stomach. We have not forgotten those who are of a more mature age either as Hydrotherm can be experienced in your eighties, nineties and beyond. Our new Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea is suitable for those who are undergoing treatment for cancer as well. 

Hydrotherm massage could also be an option for those who feel self-conscious turning over on a therapy couch mid-treatment.
The placement of the warm-water pads is designed to give your back perfect spinal alignment. Your knees are slightly raised and your hands rest below the pads to encourage your body to relax.
Thanks to the heat from the pads (30-40 degrees), a hydrotherm massage can be beneficial if you suffer from neck pain, lower-back aches, or stiff muscles. The heat helps warm your muscles up, which makes the therapist's movements more effective.
Oh, and don't worry - you won't get wet! The water in the pads is thoroughly sealed in.

Hot tip!
Hydrotherm massage is very different to the usual kind of massage that you experience on a couch. So expect the unexpected! The massage can feel a little disconcerting as the water in the pads makes sloshing sounds, and your body shifts, as the movements of the therapist move your body against the pads. If you've ever sat on a water bed, the hydrotherm pads feel a little like that -- just relax and don't fight the sensation!
Your body is directly against the plastic pads, so there's also an initial odd feeling when you realise that you're not lying on towels or a sheet. However, as soon as your therapist begins your treatment, they will apply oil to your body, so very soon, you'll move smoothly against the plastic.

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