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Success Stories

Farah Mohamed
"Wonderful, good quality massage. Nice people too. Very small venue but easy to find."

"I felt an inch taller after the deep tissue massage. She really knows the muscles in the body and worked out a lot of tension. Highly recommended." 

"Always the best. Can’t wait for the next one."

Kaamilah Lapierre
"Absolutely fantastic deep tissue, seriously the best I have had. She really got all the right knots out and I felt lighter and taller after the session, I will definitely be back."

"It was lovely, I had back pain for about 3 wks and it finally gone after the massage, will recommend to everyone to try"

 "The massage was AMAZING and really focused on my problem areas that I wanted worked on. I left walking taller and felt I had my posture back. Would definitely recommend it. Emilene is lovely and instantly made me feel comfortable."

"I had recently done a lot of cycling and she was able to work to my blocked and tired muscles . I felt much better afterwards."

"Emilene never fails to deliver a great deep tissue massage. This became a regular treat to myself every month now. You should try it too."

"I very much enjoyed the massage, the best I have had in years."

"Ignore any bad reviews being a therapist myself I was happy really nice lady, great massage and room was very clean and relaxing, no complaints!"

"Emilene is brilliant. The deep tissue massage I had was amazing. I will definitely book again anytime soon."

Aran"Really relaxing, will definitely be booking again to be honest..."

"This was my first treatment here and I will definitely be back. Really pleased to find somewhere so close to home and with evening opening. The massage was great and Emeline was very welcoming and calming." 

Lorna"Felt totally relaxed in an warm room.The massage was gentle and soothing.

L Pittman "I must say Emilene is a class act my girlfreind and myself are so happy how much i haveimproved my walk back and hamstrings"

Keith"Yesterday I had the most fantastic deep tissue massage at Feel better now/ Emilene was brilliant and put me totally at ease. The treatment was excellent and I could feel the benefit immediately. Emilene is a very kind and welcoming person and is very skilled at what she does. I will definitely be back and I thoroughly recommend her to you."

"Emilene is fantastic! She is a tiny, kind and gentle natured lady but has the strength of an ox when giving deep massage! The hot stone massage - is sumptuous. I suffer with stiff shoulder but I left feeling light as a feather."

"Emilene is a highly recommended therapist....she is friendly, professional, and offers a range of fabulous treatments. I had a for the first time a hot stone massage today, and it was fabulous, I felt so relaxed and stress free. My muscles where rejuvenate, and I feel brand new again. I have been going for a massage every 2 weeks since I was recommend by a friend and I really definitely feeling the benefits. Thank you Feel Better Now!"

 "professional and friendly. first time i tried this type of massage and would definitely recommend it. venue itself a bit noisy but good overall"

"I had a Deep Tissue Massage and have awarded it 5 stars."

"Very nice massage, I still feel that in my bones ;-). Right pressure was added. Emilene is a nice person with calm atittutde. Thank you."

"Second time I've been for a hot stone massage with Emmeline. Really relaxing and good pressure on my tired muscles!"

Neena RS       
"Emilene is absolutely fantastic. I have been coming to her with back and shoulder pain and general stress for over 2 years. she is the best masseuse I have ever gone to and have never let me leave without removing the knots in my back. She is friendly, calm and professional. Her prices are extremely reasonable and her massage room is warm and quiet. It is worth travelling to as once you go to her you'll keep coming back!
I cannot emphasize how good she is and how good her prices are."

"Emilene is not only a really lovely person, but she is also a consummate professional! I am continuously impressed with her desire to learn about the latest developments in her field. As a result of her superior knowledge, the treatments she offers are superb!"

S Powell    
"I visited Feel Better Now last week and had the Pressotherapy and laser treatment . 
The small and friendly beauty salon based in Lewisham ticked all the boxes for me – I was instantly put at ease upon arrival by the Therapist Emilene. She provided a very professional but friendly service and clearly knows her stuff. This was the first of 4 sessions which I have booked and am looking forward to returning for the next session very soon. Highly recommended!"

Adele Jensen        
"Hi, I am a regular customer of Emilene at Feelbetternow and I will strongly recommend her to anyone that wants to be pampered, feel more relaxed or shed some weight on a specific area of your body. She is very good at what she does and very professional! I have a deep tissue masage every week cause she is so good and very affordable! I feel soooo relaxed afterwards! As a mother of two under 3 years old.., this weekly visit is doing wonders!!
I have also recently done some ultra sound on my belly and my skin is much tighter and I have lost quite a bit of weight! Would highly reccomend all treatments that Emeline offers! She is great! Thank you!"

"I have been having massages with Emilene on a weekly basis for nearly 8 months now and I couldn't be happier. Emilene always offers service with a smile and she makes you feel like a friend, much more than a client. She has a wide range of products available and up to date machinery. Emilene is truly a master of her trade and the passion for her job is evident. I have recommended Emilene to many and they have been just as happy as I am. Thanks Emilene.""Sindi "I met Emilene about 5 years ago in a beauty clinic where I used to work, for my surprise I met her again few months ago in a training course. I remember when she told me first time: "I'm thinking about to start work with beauty treatments", so when I saw her few months ago she made me very happy and proud of her, I could realise how great she became as a therapist"

"Hey all my South Londoners: Great massage treatments / Weight Management Treatments & Laser Lipo at: www.feelbetternow.co.uk ..... Based in Lewisham SE13. I highly recommend!!"

"As a beauty therapist myself i have had many massages but I have to say that this is by far the best i have ever had!! Emilene was polite, welcoming and extremely professional. I filled out a consultation form (many salons dont offer this although by law they should!) The treatment i had was a hot stone massage that actually lasted the full hour as stated. I was offered water on arrival and after treatment. I was so impressed that i have booked my son in for treatment and have told all my friend/family and co workers. If your looking for a massage that will leave you relaxed and with a great experience then i highly recommed Emilene. 5***** :0)"

"I found Emilene several weeks ago, and am so happy I did! She's a great person for starters, she makes you feel very welcome and comfortable, and lets not forget to mention the treatments are amazing :-) I had a really bad knee, and although it was too bad to fix in 1 session, Emilene has made it her mission to sort this out for me. After a few weeks, the difference is unbelievabe!!!! And today, I got to try out her hot stone massage.... it was INCREDIBLE! It felt amazing, and left me more relaxed than I have been for a long time. :-) Would I recommend her? Absolutely!!!! :-)"

"An absolutely great massage, also eradicated a swollen leg condition with lymph drainage massage. Masseuse Emilene has a calm low key manner which adds to the whole experience. Thanks a million"

"Great hot stone massage, Emilene is a real professional!"

"I have been in the NHS for several years and received various types of massages over the years. However, this was my first full body and it was an absolutely delighful experience. It was obvious that Emilene was very experienced and her professionalism shone through. Really, delightful massage - well worth it. 10 out of 10!! Many thanks Emilene"

"soooo good had to come back!! My son also had a hot stone massage and said it was fantastic agreeing that this was also the best massage he has had. This woman works wonders."

Matthew"Wonderful massage, professional treatment and a relaxing experience. Many thanks"

Ricky"I enjoyed the holistic massage from Emilene. The consultation was short and so I got almost a full hour of massage. She was very professional and warm and I left feeling very good! I would recommend her."

Vanita"Absolutely pure Brilliance .... pure spa decadence"

Nupur"Emilene is very professional and welcoming. I purchased a massage as a deal and since then I have been visiting her. I have tried Hot Stone Massage which is amazing, its that good that I have booked weekly visits. You will feel absolutely relaxed after. Since going to Emilene I no longer use the expensive local salons as her treatments have definately been worth the money and most relaxing too!!! :)"

Natasha"The most divine massage ever. I would definitely recommend, because it is very relaxing and therapeutic."

Florence"I went to Emilene first time in June 2012, I agree with the other posts, she is truley a warm and welcoming person. and her deep tissue massages are one of the best Ive experience as well as the hot stone, Im so impressed that I now go back for weekly treatments, everyone needs to be pamper regularly and its close to home so I can walk home and still have that lovely relaxed and un tensed glow. Would definately recommend her to everyone and such accommodating appointment times. Thanks Emilene it was a blessing that I found you :-o)" Flo

Clare"It had been quite a while since my last hot stone massage so I was very much looking forward to a relaxing hour at Feel Better Now and wasn't disappointed! Emilene runs her small studio from her home in Lewisham, which is a nice quiet spot for some relaxation. She is warm and friendly, making you feel instantly at ease while at the same time maintaining an appropriate level of professional distance. We chatted just the right amount during the treatment. Generally I just enjoyed the hot stones and the right level of pressure working out the tension of my recently completed masters. The stress was definitely a more distant memory when I left a significantly more relaxed version of myself! Emilene provides many other types of massages and other treatments and I'd certainly be interested in returning to sample some more when possible. Enjoy! c*" 

Paulette"The massages are out of this world i went for a massage as i recieved it as a gift.I havent stopped going back. The last time i had a massage that good i was in Morocco. Emilene does men as well so thats great my husband will be joining me soon. fantastic service. Im sold for LIFE!!!"

Christie"I'd just like to say thanks for a fantastic massage. Both my boyfriend and myself opted for the deep tissue massage and it was completely amazing. I came out of there feeling completely relaxed and ready to fall asleep. One of the best massages we have ever had! Thanks!"

Jane"Very enjoyable massage ,especially the hot stones . Emilene creates a calm , relaxing environment so that you can thoroughly enjoy the massage."

Joy"Huge Thanks to Emilene Conder at www.feelbetternow.co.uk for an amazing treatment this afternoon using the Flabelos Lipo machine!! Emilene is based in Lewisham and has amazing offers on massages, lipo laser treatments, and so much more! Check out her website, loads of special promotions! Men & Women TREAT YOURSELF!!! :) Its well worth it, at first I though it was a gimmick because I thought how can you lose inches by just sitting there. Well the machine bursts your fat cells (which you dont feel by the way) and you basically drink lots of water to flush the fat out!! I am not a scientist but its all explained on the site. Once the fat cell is burst the fat stays off wit good diet, exercise and drinking lots of water xxxx"

Ian" First time I ever had a bamboo massage. Really excellent - relaxing and stimulating. The hot stone and lava shell treatments are very good too. And Emilene is both highly professional and very welcoming. All in all, a great experience!"

Jane"I absolutely endorse the previous testimonials. I had a hot stone massage which was wonderful, I will be going back to have a bamboo one. Jane"

Onika"I've had the hot stone and bamboo massages and both have been fantastic. So much so, I have recommended Emilene numerous times. Emilene is very professional and friendly."

Cherelle"I had my first Massage with with Emilene on the 23rd January 2013 and she was so good at her craft that i was back 2 weeks later for a Hot stone massage which i found to very good, although i was very aprehensive at first Emilene being the very considerate Therapist she is adjusted the temperature as required and was able to give me an experience that i enjoyed and would do again, which i'ved already booked again for the next month.. I have a long term Illness which Emilene is fully aware of and she has taken this into consideration at every appointment which allows me to feel very welcomed and amazing when i leave, I've told all my friends, family and co-workers about her and have booked appointments for both myself, my best friend and My sister. Emilene you are amazing and have been blessed with and amazing Gift. Keep up the good work its truly appreciated and will continue to be from me."

Ine"I've been having regular appointments with Emilene for about 9 or 10 months now... and am not planning to stop those any time soon. Especially since Emilene added the bamboo massage to her already amazing list of skills, I can say that I am absolutely and totally addicted to the amazing treat it is! I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!!! :-)" 

Sally"I tried a Bamboo massage for the first time - it was fantastic, Emilene gave me a deep tissue workout and I felt so much better afterwards - Going back for another one!" 

Kaman"I had the Bamboo massage by Emilene, I can confirm it was great. As the name you do "Feel better now" it's was very relaxing and Emilene did a great job : ) I would highly recommend her, and definitely go back for more treatments." 

Joy"Emilene is excellent. The best customer service experience I have ever had, the environment is cosy friendly soothing and inviting" 

Steve"Emilene provides an excellent service and is a top class masseuse. Highly recommended." 

Keith"I booked my first ever Massage with Emilene last week and I am so glad I did! It will be the first of many! Emilene runs a small well-run Clinic and she is a very professional and caring individual. The full body massage I experienced eased away all my aches and pains and I still feel brilliant one week on!! Very relaxing indeed!"

Neena"Emilene is fantastic. Her massages are personalised, very effective and you leave a better version both in body and mind. Thank you Emilene, I have had many massages with you in the past year and plan to visit as much as possible in the next. Neena April 2014"

"When I first had a massage with Emilene two years ago I was so happy with how great and relaxed I felt afterwards, that I since then have had one every week..!! I really do feel so much better from it! I would highly recommend her to everyone!! :)"

Leyla"I have had liposculpture and needed to have lymphatic massages to drain away swelling and toxins, I found lovely Emilene and have been having massages with her for the past couple of months now and feel 90% back to normal which is faster than alot of the other women do that have had the same surgery. I have already recommended Emilene to a few other post op girls that are now going to Emilene as well. Emilene is very kind and understanding of her clients needs but most of all professional and great as what she does :)"

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