BioMagnetism Therapy

I am an Advanced Biomagetism and Bioenergetic Therapist with a specialist in releasing trapped emotions improving pain as well as emotional and mental symptoms.

I qualified as a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist with Taisa Campos – Brazil 2020. Since then have continued to deepen my knowledge across all elements of Biomagnetism, specifically Bioenergetics, MicroBioenergetics a technique that can change the vibrational root cause of disease, using Biomagnetism.

Throughout the years of working with a range of different clients in massage therapies, and body contouring treatments, I found that when balancing the body by releasing trapped emotions, and using magnets `the results of other treatments are quicker than expected.

Identify. Re-Balance. Release

Find and release health, emotional and physical imbalances without talking or explaining.

Identify. Re-balance. Release.


What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

Ever wondered what’s going on in your body, relationships and life? Now you can find the answers and let go of the burden without leaving your home or talking through the issues.

Biomagnetism technique, and a painless technique, which uses magnets to balance the body’s PH.

With PH balance, the body restores health by eliminating parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi which are the main causes of most diseases. Emotional conflicts end up unbalancing the PH of some organs in the body and this can also result in diseases.

This therapy allows the agent to detect changes in the body before the disease manifests itself,

The disease follows 3 stages: energetic,  functional and organic within our conventional medicine the disease is only detected in the third phase when the disease arrives in the Organ, then is  when the blood test will be positive, the X-ray will be positive, the tomography or resonance will detect something,  until then the disease can be present for two weeks, two months or two years.

The Biomagnetism allows us to detect this at the beginning, we go straight to the cause, we already treat and correct the organism to provide health and wellness.

Come and prevent and take care of your most precious asset your HEALTH

Improve your health and your life

Get healthier, clearer and re-balanced emotionally and physically. Working with the body’s natural cellular state, you can gain a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t working within your body and your life.

What can be treated?

Medicine is designed to see problems through their clinical manifestations, symptoms, signs, syndromes, anatomical descriptions, changes in biology in the organism, we can study microorganisms in laboratories with x-ray or ultrasound images, etc., but all these studies do not answer the reason. Why the disease is manifesting itself? And the vision of the Biomagnetic Pair is to understand why. Therefore, we are no longer interested in symptoms, signs, syndromes, descriptions, classifications. When we review the patient according to the biomagnetic pairs that we discover, we know what type of disease they are presenting, and we treat them there and generally the body heals itself.

Under no condition we provide any medication or medical advice intended to substitute for the licensed medical practitioner.

A range of issues have been successfully treated remotely including:

  • Lyme & Dengue disease-  Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a bulls-eye rash. Even after treatment, many individuals complain of debilitating long-term symptoms including extreme fatigue, mental fog, difficulty focusing, intense joint and muscle pain, and neuropathy.
  • Detoxification Biomagnetism is helpful in strengthening the body’s detoxification systems. Proper placement of magnets optimizes blood flow and oxygenation to the major detoxification organs, the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system.
  • Fungal infections
  • Candida overgrowth. Candidiasis, can cause a wide spectrum of health concerns including oral thrush, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sinus infections, digestive distresses, recurring yeast infections, joint pain, chronic inflammation, and mild depression.

    Biomagnetism therapy is a effective modality for addressing this issue. Using biofeedback your therapist will check for energetic and pH imbalances.

Over 106 clients in the UK and abroad have been successfully treated remotely from London.


Camila suffered from anaemia after gastric band surgery when she got in touch. She was unable to eat or drink as both caused vomiting and was unable to work as a result.

Camila visited her doctor and was prescribed IV Vitamin treatments over 6 months to help her to regain strength to work.

Remotely therapy helped Camila to eat and drink again as well as regain her strength in just three weeks following an intensive series of sessions, with her progress monitored by her doctor. Camila was able to party with her family and friends at Christmas, which had looked impossible before she got in touch.

What’s Involved?

Bio Magnet therapy is a natural non conventional health treatment that helps the body and nervous system to be restored and rebalanced virtually. Initial analysis of the client’s current physical and emotional state is undertaken that indicates where treatment is required.

Biomagnetism or Biomagnetism Pair Therapy is holistic in approach, perfectly safe, and scientifically based. It promotes rehabilitating the body’s homeostasis to enable the body to heal itself. The body’s homeostasis is then occurred by placing bio magnets at specific points of the body in pairs. The magnetic field of the applied energy affects the hydrogen ions and therapeutically alters the pH Level in the human cells and structures. The effort of healing is normalized the pH Level in the body to the level of health status & condition.

Regaining the proper pH develops an unfavourable environment in the body for pathogens to exist. Once the pathogens unable to survive and eventually self-deteriorate until they perished and died, inflammation will mitigate, and the homeostasis consequently re-develops. The outcome of the immunity system redevelops with the rehabilitation of health.

Pathogens, as they develop in the body gravitates to certain anatomical locations. Many of these locations are known to be specific to each pathogen. These associated locations create what Dr. Goiz called the Biomagnetic Pair. A bioenergetic resonance connection interacts between the Biomagnetism pairs and brings back to your health.

This treatment also works to identify and re-balance emotional and other issues.

Medicinal Biomagnetism Pain Relief in Vascular:  Vascular Pain Study

Side Effect and Contraindication

Biomagnetism Pair Therapy is a therapeutic approach to healing that differentiated from conventional allopathy. The Nature of the therapy is homeopathy and naturopathy. Biomagnetism is scientifically proven to be harmless, and free from any side effects.

No conflict or contraindication for any medicine or treatment which you currently take. Biomagnetism Pair Therapy can be simultaneously enforced with other allopathy. It promotes better healing achievement and alleviates pathogenic problems faster.

However, for pregnancy mother, baby, person under immunotherapy or chemotherapy or person who has a heart pacemaker, or any implantable devices, must inform prior session, those can receive remotely sessions on the magnetic table via surrogate.

Identify. Re-Balance. Release



Talk Free Therapy by Emilene Conder

Identify. Re-Balance. Release