Helping people with chronic pain conditions to feel better now and move easier

  •  Are you struggling with pain everyday?
  • Is your job causing you headaches and back pain from sitting or bending?
  • Can’t get comfy in a chair and unable to sit for long periods?
  • Fed Up taking pain killers, long waiting to see your GP? 
  • Do you won’t to feel more Flexible and be able to move easily without restrictions?
  • Would you love to treat yourself and have time to stop and relax?
  • Have you being diagnosed with MS, FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE OR Others?
    • Finding it hard to walk very far or walk upstairs 
    • Suffer with Drop Foot?
    • Sitting in a Wheelchair and need help for standing again?
    • Balance not great, frightened of falling over, scared of going out?
    • Feeling tired with low energy, feeling weak and not confident?
    • Pains in your shoulder and back, shakes in your legs, spasms?
    • Would you like to gain some control back in your life and do more?

Do you workout but still struggling with those stubborn area that won't look the way you want to? or Did you have Lipo Surgery/Tummy tuck surgery?
  • Is your Weight going up, as can’t be as active as you would like to be?
  • Going on holiday and struggling to get into your clothes? 
  • Or are you feeling unhappy and not looking forward to showing your body on this holiday?
  • Perhaps you had Lipo Surgery? and feeling swollen? sore? bruised?
  • Or notice a hardness or lumpiness to the areas treated with liposuction especially in the abdominal area?

Without Lymphatic Massages the inflammation can involve into fibrosis (a permanent hardening of the tissue.) 
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