Take Some Time and Relax

  • Would you like to be able to get out of pain, move easily, and stay healthy?
  • Would you love to treat yourself and have time to stop and relax?
  • Answered yes to any of the questions above?


This is perfect for you.

This program is tailored specifically for you and will give pain relief with consistent sessions lasting from 4 x weeks with monthly maintained sessions.

Where are you at?
You know you should be doing something about your health, tightness, flexibility and sedentary lifestyle. You know that you are not nearly as flexible as you used to be and it’s not getting better as you get older. You have friends or family members who have massages at least once a month and you understand the benefits of it but you just never got round to try a massage!
What problems might you be facing right now?
You spend hours sitting at a desk or you travel a lot for work. You spend hours either sitting or standing and feel that this is contributing to your back ache, posture and discomforts. You used to do some exercise (walk, run, cycle) but you either stopped because life got in the way or because your injuries don’t allow you to do high impact activities any more. You travel quite a bit for work so you find it hard to commit to one massage but at the same time you like the idea of having a full body massage and just relax.
What you need help with right now?
You need to get a regular exercise routine which will allow you to re-gain your fitness and flexibility without affecting your joints. You want to strengthen up without having to sweat it out at the gym.
It includes:
  • 1:1 Session per week for 4 weeks
  • Access to one massage a week
  • Deep tissue + Relaxation hot stones
  • Hydrotherm face up massage no need to lie with your face on the couch hole
If you are looking forward to look and feel better now, by getting rid of pain, be more flexible, get stronger and stand tall.

If you want to be pain free, improve your movement, reduce your anxiety, take a break from everyday stress, improve your mental and emotional health and have a moment of total relaxation.

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