Pre/Post Lipo Care & Maintenance Treatments

  • Did you have/or planning to go on for Lipo Surgery/Tummy tuck surgery, Vaser Lipo, High Definition?
  • Are you about to make a decision to go on second + time for another lipo surgery?
  • If you answer is Yes than this is the perfect treatment for you.

Pre-surgery: 5-10 treatments recommended.

Benefits may include:
  • preparation of tissue for surgery,
  • reduction in oedema and swelling- may allow surgery sooner,
  • stimulation of immune system,
  • relaxation.

Post-surgery: As soon as 24hrs after surgery.

Benefits may include:
  • reduction in post-surgical oedema,
  • encourages lymphatic ‘re-routs’,
  • reduction in pain,
  • body tissue detoxification to help reverse build-up of toxins that are secondary to effects of medication,
  • fluid circulation stimulation,
  • immune system stimulation and prevention of post-surgical infections,
  • improvement in skin regeneration and wound healing to optimises the scarring process.
What are the results?
Postoperative lymphatic drainage can require between 10-30 sessions. Good results in reduction of oedema will be noticed in the first 2 sessions, as long as there is no other untreated factor stimulating swelling. Lymphatic drainage can ease patient’s recovery from surgery and enhance overall health and wellbeing. You will be advised on your consultation as to the appropriate number of sessions that would suit you best.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is particularly recommended for the following Surgery Procedures: Vaser Lipo, Vaser Lipo High Definition , Abdominoplasty, Lipo 360

If you are looking forward to look and feel better now, by getting rid of pain, be more flexible, get stronger and stand tall.

Our post surgery recovery treatment specialises in helping with water retention, inflammation, fibrosis, seroma reduction and pain reduction.

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