About Feel Better Now

Hi I am Emilene and I am the creator of Feel Better Now, Inspired by my husband’s rehabilitation with MS (Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) I decided to specialized on Rehabilitation program Level 6. I work from my studio clinic in Lewisham, Catford area, helping clients with chronic pain conditions, working on the emotional, physical and spiritual paths.

Also helping man and women to reach their goals via inch loss treatments pre and post surgery.
I help people over 18 years old who are tired, sluggish and in pain, to look, and feel amazing and pain free since 2012. I have been helping people who struggle with back pain, muscular and joint pain, as well as their health.

We also help men and women who have had liposuction surgery, tummy tuck, vaser lipo, tummy tuck surgery. We use Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage combining with Deep Oscillation, Led light therapy, and ultrasound for early stage if necessary, and maintenance with LPG Endermologie LipoMassage.

Our objective is to reduce complications rates, maintaining and maximising the results.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage will help you with fluid retention, swellings, de bloats, and puffiness and many more benefits. Our expertise and experience in post surgery swelling, scar tissue, fibrosis etc.

Our services are strictly Holistic therapeutic and delivered by fully insured therapist and certified in Level 6 Clinical Massage Therapy, Pre and Post Operative Dr Godoy & Godoy Method, Medical Biomagnetism Therapy Dr Isaac Goiz Duran


Winners Review 2018 Awards – Best Massage Therapy Clinic in London – GHP Magazine

Winner 2020 Award – Best Pre/Post Lipo Massage Treatment Specialist – Greater London Enterprise SME News

Winners 2023 Award – Best Medical Massage Therapy in South East London

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by email: info@feelbetternow.co.uk

What about spending some time on the muscles that carry us around all day?

Cheers to your health!

Training, qualifications & experience

Advanced Practitioner Clinical Massage Therapist

Treatments available are:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Dr Godoy & Godoy Method – Lipoedema, Pre and Post Surgery,

Electrotherapy – Stimulates collagen, elastin, anti inflammatory, muscle atrophy, localized fat, cellulite, diastasis

Deep Oscillation and Quantum massage –

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Preventative fibrotic conversion process – fibrosis reduction.
  • Strong pain-relieving potential.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Wound healing.
  • Preventative in premature skin ageing.

LPG Endermologie –  reduce swelling and inflammation, improve lymphatic drainage, and promote the healing process

LipoMassage – Oedema, body sculpting

Detox Massage –

Strawberry Laser Lipo – Inch Loss

Radiofrequency – Skin tightening

Deep Tissue – Muscles deep relaxing

Hot stones – Deeply relaxing,

Biomagnetism Medical- Dr Goiz Method- By applying biomagnetism to specific locations in the body, the restoration of adequate pH in that area is allowed and, when present, pathogens cannot survive in this pH environment. The cells become healthy and the body begins to heal.

Hydrotherm Specialist Cancer Massage,
Oncology Massage & Palliative Care.

Conditions I can help you with:– Pre/Post lipo surgery – Fibromyalgia- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- IBS- Stress- Emotional Trauma- Chronic Pain- Headaches / Migraines- / Menstrual Problems- Carpal Tunnel.

We are qualified in many different advanced techniques and we will create a session that is unique for you and your body.

We focus on outcome treatments getting you the result you want. This means that we may use a combination of many of the techniques above to create the outcome you desire, whether by reduction of pain, deep relaxation or inch loss.

Cheers to your health!

Feel Better Now is a specialised treatment room based out of Lewisham in London. In October, Feel Better Now was recognised in GHP Magazine’s Winner’s Review programme with the title of ‘Best Massage Therapy Clinic’ in London.
If you are looking forward to look and feel better now, by getting rid of pain, be more flexible, get stronger and stand tall.

If you want to be pain free, improve your movement, reduce your anxiety, take a break from everyday stress, improve your mental and emotional health and have a moment of total relaxation.

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